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Employers Weigh in on “Why Temps”

According to a June 2012, Workforce Management survey involving close to 1200 participants, employers ranked their reasons for using temporary and contract employees as follows…

  • Access to Specialized Skills 39.8%
  • To retain flexibility amidst economic uncertainty 38.5%
  • Save labor costs 27.5%
  • Evaluate candidates before hiring 20.4%
  • Quick shifts in business strategy 15.4%
  • Other 18.1%

While historically, employers used temporary workers, contractors and independent contractors to lower costs, this data shows a shift in “business drivers” towards an increased focus on issues related to worker quality.  There is greater interest in using and temporary and contract workers as a way to obtain workforce flexibility, get quick access to specialized skills, and to ensure better internal hires – all shining a light on the continued upgrade in the quality of temporary and contract workers available in the marketplace.

The same 2012 Workforce Management survey also signaled a shift in the employer’s concerns about their use of contingent staffing strategies.  When asked to identify concerns about their current temporary workforce, the quality of work performed is a primary concern – 42.5% indicating again, that worker quality has to be a key focus of workforce strategists.  Of special note is that 90.0% of survey participants reported that their temporary or contract workers were either equal to or perceived to be of better quality than their own core workers.

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