Only Respond if You are Qualified – PLEASE

When a staffing firm or company posts a job, the posting contains the necessary requirements to be successful in the job.  You will ONLY be seriously considered as a potential candidate if you ACTUALLY POSSESS THE NECESSARY REQUIREMENTS and clearly demonstrate this on your resume.  In these times of high unemployment, it is certainly understandable that job seekers are reaching out to every possible resource to find a job.  Most of the time, the recruiter is scanning large numbers of responses and resumes for a single position.  Sending your resume to a job posting you are NOT qualified for, however, does not encourage the person reviewing the resumes to consider you for something that you are qualified for.  To receive a resume for a Medical Biller when the position is for an International Import/Export Coordinator DOES NOT encourage a response to the Medical Biller – it just frustrates the recruiter.  As an alternative to responding to ads you are not qualified for, you should send your resume with a cover letter stating that you are interested in finding a particular position that you ARE qualified for and ask the hiring authority to consider you for that position if one becomes available.  Most firms keep a file on resumes that they may need for future openings.

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