Month: September 2011

Characteristics of Successful People

Author Steve Tobak, in his recent BNET article, “5 Characteristics of Successful People”, researched successful people and discovered some universal characteristics that appear in the personal resumes of those he investigated.

Characteristics of Successful People

Fortunately for aspiring and committed managers, all of these proven success characteristics can be learned and integrated into your persona.  These are not magic bullet actions, but behavioral mindsets you can adopt to leap on the fast track to career success.

  • Be opportunistic. Seek out and/or be ready to identify opportunities that could be lucrative and change your life.  Prepare yourself to act decisively when these career opportunities arise.  Be prepared for numerous trial and error experiences.  Adopt an entrepreneurial attitude, even if you work for a mega-corporation.  You will be amazed how significantly your “luck” improves when you are opportunistic.
  • Network tirelessly.Even if you’re not a natural schmoozer or salesperson, you can increase and strengthen your personal network.  Chatting with peers, family, friends, and acquaintances in a friendly and casual manner will help you earn extra consideration when career opportunities appear.  networking, not the “social media” type, is rewarding from both personal and professional perspectives.  For example, job seekers learn of many more real opportunities via their personal networks than any job board they favor.  Similarly, successful professionals receive many more benefits (promotion considerations, referrals, opportunities, etc.) from members of their network than any other single source.
  • Adopt a “can do” attitude and commitment to excel.Develop an overwhelming positive attitude.  Eliminate all thoughts that embrace ” the glass is half empty” thinking.  Use the Law of Attraction or any philosophy that delivers a positive and optimistic mindset.  Combine “can do’ with a “never give up” philosophy and the riches–psychologically and monetarily–will begin to flow your way.  your enthusiasm and positivity alone will attract others to help you succeed and treat you as a superior leader.
  • Be honest and open. Telling people what they want to hear or blowing smoke at employees and supervisors may–emphasize the “may”–result in minor, short-term benefits.  However, long-term success comes to those who are honest and forthright.  There is a simple reason this characteristic works.  Other successful people love this characteristic and will gravitate to you.  These winners can help you join their exclusive circle faster and more effectively than getting “help” from 10 times as many “yes” people.
  • Search for answers and learn how things work.Curiosity may have “killed the cat” (do you understand that cliche?), but successful people are relentlessly inquisitive and are on a tireless mission to learn how things work.  Seeking the answers to important–sometimes, even insignificant–questions is a winning characteristics of all successful people.  The joy is in the  journey, not the destination.  However, reaching the destination, after experiencing the joy of the journey, is also rewqrding and valuable.

Embracing these characteristics, even if they do not come naturally to you, will result in career success.  Like the amazing success stories of others, yours will earn a place at their table.  These are not characteristics of the one, but of the many.

Spend some quiet time thinking about which of these characteristics you currently have and those you may want to acquire.  Be prepared to “fake it till you make it.”  You’ll find that by practicing these attitudes and characteristics, you will soon learn that they have become components of your personal and professional personality.

You will also learn that your success track is accelerating and your career is progressing at a fast pace.  Even if you’re a bit skeptical now, be patient.  You’ll see that these characteristics have proven to work.  If you’re new to the  management fraternity, have faith.  What has worked for Bill Gates, Stve Jobs and many others, will work for you