Month: February 2019

Winter Safety Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t Slip Up, be like me and Go Slow…

  • Do walk slowly and consciously when snow or ice is present, and use handrails if available.
  • Don’t ever run or exit your vehicle haphazardly
  • Do Look where they’re stepping and anticipate slippery surfaces. Black ice – sometimes called clear ice – often appears early in the mornings, in shady areas, or where the sun shines during the day and melted snow refreezes at night.
  • Do not listen to music or talk on a cellphone while walking. Also, workers should keep alert for any vehicles and snow removal equipment.
  • Do watch for wet floors when entering the workplace, as co-workers may have tracked in snow and slush.
  • Do look up for snow or ice that may fall or break away from awnings, buildings and windows.
  • Do  wear boots or overshoes with grip soles
  • Don’t wear shoes with leather or plastic soles or high heeled shoes
  • Do carry any items in a backpack or cross-body bag to maintain balance
  • Don’t carry or swing heavy loads while working
  • Do stay alert, aware of your surroundings, & focused