Christie signs law barring employers from punishing workers who share pay info with colleagues

Gov. Christie on Thursday signed into law a bill that sponsors say will lead to less pay discrimination in the workplace in New Jersey.

The legislation prohibits employers from punishing workers who share information about job titles and pay with fellow employees.

“If we are serious about pay equity, we have to allow workers to freely discuss their job conditions,” said Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg, D-Teaneck. “By allowing employees to ask their coworkers about their salaries, benefits or working conditions, we open a door for those who believe they are being treated unfairly to learn the truth and get their fair share.”

Christie, a Republican, conditionally vetoed an initial version of the bill last year, saying it was too broad in scope. Both houses of the Democratic-controlled Legislature voted earlier this summer to accept his changes.

“This law will still help employees fight against pay discrimination,” said Sen. Linda Greenstein, R-Mercer. “If the employees know they can ask each other about their salaries or benefits, they will discuss more freely these topics and discriminatory practices will be harder to hide.”

The new law goes into effect immediately.