Job Categories

Culinary/Food Services

Executive Chef
Prep Cook
Utility Worker

Light Industrial

Forklift Drivers
Forklift Mechanics
Machine Operators
Material Handlers
General Warehouse


Mechanical Engineer
Quality Mechanic


Administrative Assistants
Accounting Clerks
Clerical/Data Entry
Customer Service Reps
Executive Assistants
Human Resource Assistants


Value Added Services

Customized Reporting

Bryant Staffing’s placement software includes a wonderful tool that allows us to retrieve requested data. Bryant can easily create statistics from customer or applicant data and create files which are accessible in other software products. For example, Bryant has often supplied customers with a history of applicants and cost per department for a specific time-frame. These reports are easily transmitted in a Microsoft Word or Excel document via e-mail. If you have any particular reporting needs, please contact us.

Customized Software Training

In addition to our registered applicants, Bryant Staffing offers customized software training for all of our clients. For additional information regarding customized software training, contact us!

Electronic Billing

Electronic billing is available to all Bryant Staffing customers. Bryant has customized invoicing ranging from a simple Excel spreadsheet to setting up an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) account. If you have any questions or specific requests regarding Electronic Billing, contact us.


Bryant provides payroll services through their  Payroll+ (Payroll Plus) Program for customers who recruit staff for special projects and programs and choose not to have them on their payroll. For additional information regarding Payroll+, contact us!

Candidate Evaluation

Requests for candidates with various skills are an everyday occurrence. Bryant Staffing pre-screens all candidates by reviewing each resume, conducting in-depth interviews, and performing thorough reference checking. This enables us to only send candidates that totally meet  your needs. Whether you need to fill open positions in light industrial, office support, human resources or  accounting/finance – we guarantee to take all of the necessary steps to locate the ideal match for you.

It is imperative that all employees possess the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in today’s computerized office environment. In short, know your software, know the version and know the level of proficiency needed for an assignment and you will be assured of receiving the right employee in the right situation every time.

Computerized testing is part of the application process here at Bryant Staffing and all candidates are tested in the areas they have noted as being knowledgeable in. It is increasingly easy to evaluate employees with our computerized testing programs. These programs assess the candidate and details their level of proficiency which is valuable information in today’s workforce. Each applicant’s scores are entered into our database, enabling us to fulfill our clients’ needs or administer additional training if needed.

Candidates receive an overall score in addition to a breakdown score based on Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced knowledge. This information is invaluable in assessing not only an applicant’s level of proficiency in a particular computer application, but additionally assures us that we at Bryant place the right person in the right situation.