Legal Alert – New Mandate for New Jersey Employers Effective December 7, 2011


New Mandate for New Jersey Employers Effective December7, 2011

Beginning December 7, 2011 New Jersey employers will be required to provide to all newly hired employees at the time of hiring a copy of the below Appendix.  The appendix must be (1) given at the time of hiring as part of the Hiring Package or (2) delivered via email to the employee.  This notice obligation starts with all new employees hired as of November 7, 2011 going forward.

The following link will take you to the official 6-page notice (MW-400) provided by the New JErsey Department of Labor and Workforce Development to be delivered to newly hired employees:

Note that failure to meet the obligations of this new requirement is “guilty of a disorderly offense and shall, upon conviction, be fined not less than $100 nor more than $1,000.”

This Legal Alert is not legal advice but rather a notification of a new legal requirement for New Jersey employers.  Firms may want to seek the advice and guidance from their own professional advisors on this and other matters as they apply to their own specific circumstances.