Tips for Resume Writing

  • Opening Objectives – These are generic…they seldom do anything to differentiate one candidate from another.
  • Spelling Mistakes and Grammatical Errors – These types of mistakes immediately disqualify more people than all the other mistakes combined.
  • Personal Attributes, Interests, and Hobbies – Do not list personal information such as height, weight, and age, or any other personal information unless it is related to the position in which you are interested.
  • Too Many Details – Do not list every task you’ve ever performed in every job you have ever had.  This too much information.
  • Excessive Bragging – Stating your accomplishments can be helpful, but when it’s overdone, the candidate can come across as narcissistic, a huge turnoff for employers.
  • Outdated Information – Leave off activities that you did in High School and omit jobs you held 10 plus years ago.
  • False Information – If you falsify information you may be terminated from the position.
  • Unexplained Gaps in Work History – While you should account for these gaps, choose your words carefully
  • Professionalism – Colored paper, cutesy fonts,links to personal websites, and trendy email addresses are unprofessional.

Interview Tips

  • Research the company…check their website to familiarize yourself with their products, services, etc.
  • Prepare questions in advance from your research.  Bring copies of your resume in a business portfolio.
  • Take a “dry run” to ensure your directions to the company are correct and estimate time needed.
  • Dress for success: dress appropriately for office and non-office related positions.
  • Topics not to be discussed during the interview: benefits, salary, vacations, personal information
  • Show confidence – a firm handshake, a smile on your face, and speak in positive statements.
  • Listen to the interviewer, make eye contact, answer questions in a positive manner and keep responses concise.
  • Follow up with a thank you note or email to express your interest in the position and to reinforce your qualifications.